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1950's Winter Vintage Hat

This 1950's vintage hat is embellished using a small full soft fur pelt mink, fox ? which graduates from 5.5cms wide to 15cms. The body of the hat is milk chocolate brown and the fabric used is man made. The crown has a slight point with a bow detail at the right side. Some thing you would see in old school Hollywood films. Label reads by Mister of Melbourne and has a cat like outline.

Circumference: 56cms

Condition: Very good  I give this rating due to small area on underside has a make up mark, at back of hat there are two small spots that look to have a slight difference in color. These two points in now way affect desirability or use.

# Be assured I do not condone any sort of cruelty to animals but rather appreciate the history of fashion in all its forms.

Price: $48.00